Krystal Burnett
Billion Dollar Green Challenge Fellow
[email protected]

Krystal is actively working to support The Billion Dollar Green Challenge by encouraging participants to establish green revolving funds (GRFs), connecting current BDGC members to share best practices, and providing research and media support for participants who are starting their own GRF. She is promoting institutions who are highly committed to making great strides toward addressing the issues of climate change and who work towards advancing environmental and social justice. ‘The Challenge’, which encourages schools to invest a combined $1 billion in self-managed GRFs, offers an opportunity for diverse campus groups, administration, and management to collaborate and advance climate solutions together in creative and cost-effective ways.

A current graduate student of the Heller School of Social Policy & Management at Brandeis University, Krystal is acquiring her degree in Sustainable International Development. Her experience serving in the Peace Corps in Mali, West Africa and her experience witnessing the exacerbating effects of drought in the Sahel has fueled her passion for institutional capacity building by encouraging institutions to incorporate the three pillars of sustainable development in all of their initiatives; economic, social, and environmental.